Reconnecting to the source is the essence of regeneration.

For more than a decade I’ve asked myself, “How can I have the most regenerative effect on the world?”

I’ve had some success in business, in agriculture, and in my relationships. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes.  I’m still learning.

This site is a chronicle of the journey, and my evolutions along the path. Perhaps you’ll find it useful for yours.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture evolves human paradigms of farming.

Through a system of principles and practices, regenerative agriculture increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances the capacity of ecosystems to develop towards their potential.

Read on to learn more about the four Levels of Regenerative Agriculture, attempts to regenerate farmland around the world, and my explorations of the Wild Apple Forests of Kazakhstan.

Regenerative Business

The time has come. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility have failed to change the course of our extractive economy.

Businesses have not succeeded in continually adding value to all their stakeholders: Customers, Co-Creators, Communities, Investors, and Earth.

Regenerative Business transforms the way that companies work.

Businesses that engage the regenerative paradigm shed their toxic practices while radically increasing profits, innovation, and non-displaceability in the market.

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Life Changing Books

These are the books that changed my life. Chronologically.

When I walk into someone’s house for the first time, I always go straight to their bookshelf. Books are like tracks on the ground – you can read the story of a person’s intellectual development and belief system by scanning the titles on the shelf.

May these books be guides (or warnings!) on your journey towards regeneration. See all books >>>


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